Friday, 20 March 2015

Puffin prototype

I am in the middle of trying to make puffins.  This is the prototype, propped up waiting for his paint to dry.  I suspect he might be a little bit big, unfortunately(?)  But I'm not really sure.  I did look it up in a bird book at one point - I think it said merely that puffins are about 12 inches long.  This one is 9 inches without his tail.

It's weird - they look like really chunky little birds to me, but I just saw a picture of one being held by someone (which is what made me think my prototype was too big), and it looked quite scrawny.  Either their appearance is quite deceptive when they are standing alone without any kind of yardstick, or they just do a good job of puffin up their feathers for photographs.  Or the one I saw being held was a juvenile, or underfed.

Anyway, I will finish this version, and then reevaluate to see if he needs downsizing.

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