Monday, 12 October 2015

Planting at the allotment

Much excitement here this morning - we put some bulbs and plants in our new allotment!  That bit at the back of the first picture has all been turned over and covered with mushroom compost and we are going to cover it in plastic in the hope that everything dies off and mulches down for the spring.  There are some daffodil bulbs along the far edge though - not to be covered.

The bit at the front of the first picture is the bonfire where we're just finishing burning up all the raspberry cane roots (of which we seem to have an enormous quantity!).  Then we are hoping to get rid of all the weeds and have two wooden compost bins.

In the other corner, we planted tons of stuff!  We have labelled everything carefully, but I might keep this picture (below) just in case.  I can see me digging up all the plants, thinking they're weeds!

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