Sunday, 27 December 2015

Hermione & Anthony

Good morning!  A long time ago I went to a car boot sale, and found a stack of very old teddy bear magazines.  I stupidly didn't buy them all - I guess they didn't look particularly interesting; it was just the novelty of finding a vintage magazine devoted entirely to teddy bears.  Anyway, I picked out three or four.  All of them had a 'free gift' stuck to the front - a cellophane package holding a teddy bear outfit.  I ignored these at the time, thinking it was very unlikely they would fit any of my bears.  Then recently I found the hockey player's outfit lying around, and decided to try it on Hermione (above).  Not only do they fit (with a little room in the toes for her feet to grow), but because of the firm soles, they allow her to stand!  I really am going to have to try making them myself - they are perfect!

I have posted some more pictures of Hermione below.  The shoes are of course removable.  Underneath she has ordinary cashmere foot pads with embroidered claws.

I have also listed little Anthony (see below) - and he carries a brown leather-look school satchel, another free gift from the ancient teddy bear magazines.  For some reason he turned out slightly smaller than the other bears I made in this design, and with a slight tilt to his head.  But I think it makes him look all the more inquisitive.

Anthony and Hermione are now in my Etsy shop.

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