Monday 29 February 2016

FAO Lynne

I've been having an incredibly relaxing, do-nothing day after all the hoo-ha of yesterday (big Hugglets teddy bear show).  I slept in, sat around for ages making lists, hoola-hooped a lot, went out for lunch, sorted and tidied all the stuff from the show, then - because it was that sort of day - I went down to the allotment to have a look.  This is the allotment I haven't been anywhere near since before Christmas.  I was slightly dreading what I might find, but actually it doesn't look bad.  So this is a post for Lynne, my allotment buddy, who is sunning herself in California right now!  I did try some weeding, Lynne, but my fingers practically froze off, in not-so-sunny England, so I gave up on that idea pretty quick!  Anywhere, here's what it looks like now.

The ground covers look really good.  I couldn't see anything growing beneath them; they seem to have worked out pretty well.

And we do have signs of life!  Not entirely sure what these are(!) but they certainly look interesting.

And here's them close up...

They also come in brown, for some reason.  They're not dead or anything - just a different colour.  I do vaguely remember buying something in different colours and alternating them.  Hyacinths perhaps?

Beetroot.  I was meant to go through these ages ago and remove some of the seedlings so the remaining ones had room to grow.  Unfortunately I didn't get round to it, but hopefully it's not too late.  I will try to do this as soon as possible.

Our daffodils are coming up!

Crocuses - or rather a crocus!  Note the very unhelpful label.

Not sure what these are - any suggestions would be much appreciated!  They might just be weeds of course.  Lynne, these were on the compost heap side of that row of flowers that was there when we arrived.  Right next to that row of flowers in fact.  I vaguely remember planting something there, but  I can't for the life of me think what.  They look a bit cabbagey, but I hate cabbage, so I'm sure I wouldn't have planted that!

I think these are irises - choking among the thistles.  My second job, after the beetroot, will be rescuing these.

Violas!  (And more blasted thistles.)

Oooh, and I forgot to photograph the leeks!  They're looking good too, but I'm thinking of taking the netting off, because they're getting too tall for it.  I'll see if I can find some other kind of rabbit-proofing.  I think you can get little plastic guards - like a tube-shaped thing which you bed down in the soil.  Worth a try.

We've also been talking poly-tunnels again.  I was thinking we could have one running along one side of the allotment - from that little bit behind the shed, right along to the well.  Then we can grow peppers!  Let me know your preferred location.  And let me know where you want your pear tree planted.

And that's it!  I will be working at home on Wednesday and Friday this week, so if the sun comes out at any point, I will leap into my wellies and rush down there to do some weeding!


Naomi said...

Hyacinths (sic) and broad beans. Well done!

Naomi said...

And they're not brown - they'll probably end up pink!

Ruth said...

Pink would be preferable! :-) And the broad beans must be Lynne's (not my favourite). Thank you for the ID!