Tuesday 29 March 2016

Allotment update (Lynne!)

The rest of the seeds I have to plant are supposed to go directly into the soil outside, so I went down to the allotment today to clear some of the weeds away.  When I was there, I found out why only one half of the row of hyacinths was flowering: the other half was actually tulips.  Which are now flowering!  Why are all our flowers so short though?!

When I was clearing the weeds, I discovered our beetroot seedlings, which are meant to be thinned out.  Actually, I think they should have been planted much more sparingly, but you live and learn.  I pulled out as many as possible with the roots intact and have replanted them in rows.

This is the beetroot, below - two rows under the string.

I might have killed some of the seedlings(!)  I used the same technique as with the leeks - making a hole, putting the seedling in the top, then watering generously.  Unfortunately, in almost half the cases, the seedling disappeared into the depths of the hole (curses!).  Hopefully, they will come up again.

And, something seems to have moved into the compost heap next door(!)

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