Wednesday 23 March 2016


Good morning!  Thank you to everyone who has bought my teddy bear pattern!  I am hoping I will see some of the results, but it's difficult to keep track of customers sometimes.  Some people like to chat; others I never hear from again(!)  

This little bear is called Connor, and he's from the same pattern that I have up for sale in my Etsy shop - just in a different mohair.  I made him a while ago - when I was timing myself to make 10 bears, to try to work out the costs.  I must have got distracted whilst making him because one of his legs ended up higher than the other.  He has been sitting on my desk all this time looking sorry for himself.  I finally got around to fixing the leg last night, so he is now ready to go!  He is destined for the Brett Gallery at Monks Eleigh, Ipswich.

I have also finished another bear - a little white viscose polar bear called Orville.  I haven't had the chance to take photographs yet, but I did post a phone pic on Instagram the other day if you'd like to see him!  You can follow me on Instagram @bigfeetbears.  If you are an art and crafter yourself on Instagram (or just have particularly fabulous pictures!), let me know and I will follow back.

It's been a really strange time recently.  I am still all about the bears, but I have been thinking about food a lot too lately.  That's hardly unusual - I'm always thinking about food! - but I mean about actually cooking and baking food.  I am considering doing some kind of course on the subject, so I have been trying to read more, and practice more.  I don't know whether to post the pictures on here, or to start a second blog for food-related posts.  On the one hand, I'm aware that my 11 followers might not be interested in cooking and baking.  On the other, it's hard enough sometimes keeping one blog updated - I'm not sure I could manage two!

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