Tuesday, 28 July 2020

New Look 6636 - vintage style blouse

This weekend I've had another go at the trousers I've been working on (it went quite well, so, more on those another time, hopefully), and this vintage-style (or gen-u-ine vintage?  I don't know how old the pattern actually is) blouse, by New Look, no.6636.  I had a first go at it last week - the yellow version - see my second photo.

It is rather sweet, and very 1950s.  I love the shaped neckline, and the batwing-ish sleeves.  Unfortunately, it wasn't particularly wearable for me; it was far too short - even though I'd added an inch to the original pattern.  It was also a little roomy: the bodice didn't quite sit in the right place.  So this week, I had another go and made it longer, and tried to be a little more generous with the seam allowances.

(Don't, whatever you do, look at the camera.)

I don't know whether I like it or not.  It's certainly a more practical length and it fits reasonably well, but sadly it's lost most of it's boxy vintage charm.  And the black buttons - I bought black because I wanted to make a black shirt for work - make me look like I'm about to offer someone some kind of spa treatment.  The fabric feels rather stiff and unforgiving; I wonder if it would be better in a softer, drapier cotton.

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