Tuesday, 27 April 2021



The new sofa went in surprisingly easily.  It turned out that the legs come off, and so it just slid straight in.  It made me wonder why we had such a palaver with the first one!

And here is the first one, crammed up under the window, with a beautiful view of the sky and the sunny terraces opposite.

 It does look a good deal darker with that beautiful pale floor covered up, but cosy hopefully!  The new sofa is perhaps not as smart as I'd like, but incredibly comfortable!  Which is good, because I find the first sofa beautiful to look at but not especially comfortable.

I'm having a bit of an issue with lighting.  Each sofa just fits in the space provided, both bordered by a bookshelf on one side and doorway on the other.  There is no room to put a table with a lamp on it (apart from right in the middle of the floor), and the bookshelves - being straight - don't allow any room for a lampshade, or the 'elbow' of a reading light. You can see in the first photo (above), I've squeezed in a yellow lamp, but it can only just turn round enough to cast a light on the nearest side of the sofa.  Anyone sitting on the other side had better find something else to do - no reading for them!  Perhaps some kind of wall sconce is required - in which case, it'll have to wait!

In the meantime, we've been digging the trench in the front garden for the new water pipes.  The incoming pipes are made of lead, which - although a lot of people seem to have them on my street - isn't recommended, so I'm having them replaced.  The water company will put a new connection in free of charge, so long as I take care of the pipes on my property.

Digging the trench might have been the hardest bit...

I have been worried about people falling down the hole, so I put a bin there.  This morning, the postman made a heroic effort and managed to get past the wheelie bin and shove a pile of junk mail through my letterbox!  Perhaps what I need is another wheelie bin directly in front of the door?

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