Wednesday 16 June 2021

House photos

I have given up trying to write about my attempts to decorate my house.  Not only am I not an interiors writer, but I don't have a clue what I'm doing.  So instead, with minimum wordage, here are some recent photographs.

This is the rose on the front of the house, coming into bloom,

The hole in the front garden filled in - although sadly there'll be another trench at the end of the month - for the fitting of the gas pipes.

Newly green back garden.

Gorgeous poppies, planted by the previous owner.

Lots of copper pipage going in for the gas.

A... some-or-other.  Conditioner?

New Ikea units and shelves in the ktichen.  Haven't gotton round to painting the wall yet.  I am getting very used to the pale pink of the bare plaster!

Lots of new radiators, including shiny new towel rail in the bathroom (scuzzy polystyrene ceiling tiles not shown).

Me looking at myself in the mirror!

Pet woodworm(!)  It might have been the wrong decision not to have the woodworm treatment done.

New water connection!

Really sweet little second-hand display cabinet, bought on Gumtree.

My house at night, with Freecycle table lamps.

Mirror on the wall above the sofa.

And, much needed, after living here for several months with just a brush a pan...

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