Saturday, 3 April 2010

And some more...

I have updated the lingerie website again - this time with some of the most beautiful 1930s and 1940s underwear.

Brief moan about the website: it always takes ages to update it! I built it with my own fair hands, after reading a book entitled something like 'An Idiot's Guide to Building Web Pages'. If the cap fits... I managed it but there's a lot of stuff which would probably be automated on a professionally-built website, which I have to do manually. Photographing the lingerie and writing descriptions takes long enough, but I spent all this morning, from about 9:30am until 2pm actually putting the new stuff on the website. And I'll need to do it all again in another couple of days!

Anyway, our spare room was looking rather a mess. In addition to the three six-foot clothes rails, there was a wardrobe full of unlisted lingerie, lingerie hanging on the back of the door, from the picture rail, on the back of the chair, laid out on the bed... I've never really got organised since closing the Ebay shop.

I went through stuff until I couldn't possibly jam anything else onto the clothes rails, and then gave up. I did find ten amazing pieces of vintage nightwear though, so it wasn't a wasted expedition. Part of the stuff I found was bought from a UK auction house about a year ago. It was a wonderful lot - far better quality than anything I've ever found on Ebay, but with a price tag to match. As a result, I have had to put it on the website at quite a high price. It is slightly daunting - listing a negligee set at over £200 - but you can pay that much in a posh designer store (in fact, in many cases, you'd be lucky to pay only that much), and I'd put the pieces from this lot up against modern designer lingerie any day. They are incredibly lovely.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the four pieces from THAT lot that I listed today (if you click on the pictures, you should be able to see them better):

The first and the third items pictured are actually sets - they come with robes; the other two are individual nightdresses. They all have wide sweeping skirts and beautiful details. In the fourth picture, the lines you can see on the bodice are actually strips of silk sewn on the inside of the bodice - so they show up as being more opaque from the outside. Each strip is then framed, on the outside, with lots of tiny satin-stitched leaves.

It is one of my big ambitions to learn dress-making and start making vintage-style lingerie myself: the details are inspiring in a way that modern nightwear rarely is.

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