Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Full-slips, size 34

I'm still working on the new website, but it'll take a while yet, and I know from past experience that there's no guarantee all the links will work when it goes live. Last time, I uploaded the whole thing, then found the links didn't work and had to redo each one individually (there are about 30 on each page). Luckily I didn't have many pages then - now there are over 200, so fingers crossed it all goes well the first time around.

I really must find out more about cascading style sheets though. I remember discussing them with someone who knows a bit about web design when I got the first [hand-built] version of my bear site up and running. "You need style sheets," he said, "it'll make things a lot easier in the long run." Naturally, I ignored that bit of advice, and now I'm struggling. I have made things a little easier than it was the first time round by creating a template for every folder, with the menus and links all in place, but even then, I have to add pictures, add text, and then do all the twiddly bits - change the font; make this bit of text grey; make this bit of text pink. Later, I will have to go back and add Paypal buttons to each of the product pages.

Tis all a pain in the backside. I have spent all today and yesterday doing the full-slip product pages (sans Paypal buttons) - and I've got another five categories to go (whinge, whinge, whinge).

In the meantime, I have added some more slips to the old site - size 34s this time.

The styles are not as varied as the tiny sizes which I blogged about here, but there is lots and lots of lace, like the slip in the third picture. The second picture is actually a camisole and half-slip set - which seems to be quite unusual - partly because its a set, but also because of the flared skirt of the half-slip.

The first picture is the most wonderful A-line slip/nightdress. It is hand-made in satin, with a gathered chiffon trim to the hem. The design seams to be really simple, so I'm thinking of having a go at tracing the pattern. I hasten to add, it would be the first time I've ever traced a pattern, but learning dress-making (or lingerie-making) is a big ambition of mine.

The problem with trying to recreate this slip is that I'm not sure it would look particularly good in cotton or nylon or whatever. Part of its charm is that heavy, vintage-y satin - hardly the cheapest fabric, and hardly the best thing to use when you're first starting out. I have a similar problem with putting together new bear designs out of mohair.

Anyway, please excuse my silence for a little while whilst I concentrate on getting the new website finished.

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