Monday, 2 August 2010

New lingerie

I have just put some more lingerie on the DGBVintage website. Again, they're items that I've bought individually - rather than as part of a lot - so they're all corkers!

Glorious bright yellow lounge robe or house dress. It's made from quite a heavy brushed nylon fabric, and has a zipper up the back. It has lovely flared sleeves and pleats across the bodice.

I've had a few of these before. This one has little button holes beneath the bodice - one on either side. I believe they're meant to hold a belt - one which pulls the front in beneath the bust, but passes beneath the chiffon over-skirt at the back, leaving it loose and flowing.

A fantastic green jumpsuit (I wish I was brave enough to wear one of these).

This doesn't look like much in the photographs (maybe I should have used a different colour slip on the mannequin), but its a really lovely jacket - made like a shrug with big batwing sleeves and a draped hemline.

I love these quilted jackets. Annoyingly, I can only ever find them in tiny sizes, but they have a really lovely shape to them. This is what I would really love to make.

These are really pretty, but I shall have to do more research about how they worn back in the day. No matter what I did with it, it always screamed "look at my underwear"!
Anyway, next up, another teddy bear!

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