Thursday, 9 September 2010


I had a go at a pattern for a camiknicker. I can't find a date on this one, but it is from the same company that produced the pattern for the knickers in my previous posts - and that was copyrighted 1940.

My main problem here is that it is a size 32. Mine turned out more like a 34 - since I don't think my seam allowances were quite as wide as their's. However, it is difficult to know how well it fits, without someone of that size to try it on. Furthermore, I gauged the strap length from the way it fit the mannequin, and from past experience I think she (it?) actually has very short shoulders.

Anyway, here is the finished article...

I still love that spotty fabric. It would have made a great dress. Unfortunately, I've used all we had of it now - but that's always the problem with practicing.

The straps that tie at the back are a bit long, and it has very inauthentic metal snappers on the gusset, as opposed to buttons (I couldn't face the whole buttonhole thing again - not so soon!) but otherwise, it worked really well.

Anyway, what to do with it now?!

I won't sell it because its a first attempt, and I'm not sure whether its still under copyright. I could give it away though - so if there's anyone reading this that has a bust size 32-34, and would like this camiknicker, do get in touch. I could do with some feedback on how well it fits anyway.

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