Monday, 31 January 2011

Valentine's Update

Woefully behind the times as I am, this Valentine's thing is slowly happening. First of all, my mother made a little pair of baggy dungarees for Casanova...

And the view from the back...

Apologies for the screaming red photographs - I just keep pressing buttons on my hi-tech camera until I get something which looks right. I think I miscalculated slightly with these.

Anyway! I have also made another little bear - similar pattern, different proportions. He's name is Valentino, and he looks quite sweet in dungarees too.

Here he is by himself... His dungarees somehow turned out larger - more like knickerbockers really, or bloomers held up with braces.

I was on a roll then, and made two more - Byron and Shelley (alright, I admit, I'm making the names up as I go along). Sadly, my mother was no longer on a roll, so no dungarees! I'm hoping to persuade her to make jackets for these two.

Group photo...

I would like to try making a few teeny-tiny bears with very basic felt bodies and just a joint at the neck (I'm still thinking of decorating a wreath, although I haven't been able to find one so far). Also a few cashmere hearts and, if I have time, a bigger red bear.

So, what do you think of the Valentine's display so far?

Oh, alright, forget it!

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