Thursday, 27 January 2011


A Valentine's Day bear!

I was wondering whether I would be able to make enough of these in the time I have left, to form a little Valentine's Display. I'll probably end up just sitting them all together on the shelf, but I do have some ideas - even if they don't often pan out!

With these bears, I was thinking perhaps I could use them to decorated a wreath. At garden centres, you can get the wooden frames that you decorate to make Christmas wreaths. Occasionally, you see different shaped frames. If I can find a heart-shaped frame (a largish one - sort of small-shop display size), then perhaps I could decorate it with leaves and roses (plastic roses?) and then attach the bears somehow. I'm not quite certain how they would be attached - maybe a short length of florist's wire wrapped around the stomach, although it could be quite tricky to detach them that way.

I'd need to figure out a way of making some really small bears (perhaps along the same lines as the teddy bear gift tags I made a while ago) to fill in the space, and I could make some little felt hearts as well.

Oh well, let's see if I can make this one work - off to search the web for heart-shaped wreath frames...


Polly said...

Cute little red bears.
I hope you do well with them. I am a fellow bear maker and found your blog through Folksy. It looked an interesting read so I have 'followed' you.

Polly, Pud Bears

Ruth said...

Hi Polly - thanks for commenting, and following! I will leave a comment on your new blog, just in case you don't check back to read this.