Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Baby mammoth

One baby mammoth! I did get him finished yesterday, but it was too dark by then to take photographs (my indoor photography is awful). He is quite sweet, and I think - in terms of the Art & Craft Centre - perhaps a more 'buyable' size? I suppose it really depends on the price.

I was slightly worried when I first got the body together - being so small, he is much lighter than the others, with less weight to hold him stable. But he stands up perfectly well anyway. Everything was much more fiddly to sew. He actually took about the same amount of time to make as the medium-sized elepahnts.

And, so you can see how small he is...

I spent yesterday morning setting up a shop on Folksy - having finally figured out how to make my photographs square. It's not exactly full to bursting at the moment, but do take a look anyway (click here).

Now, hopefully back to some bear-making!!

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