Sunday, 14 August 2011

Strange little birds

I'm not sure if these work or not.  I've been wanting to make an owl for quite a long time now, and these are they.  They've actually turned out as planned (for once), but I'm not really convinced they look like owls specifically (as opposed to just 'birds').  Many representations of owls seem to have a sort of 'v' above the eyes - a sort of horn-rimmed glasses look. On these birds though, that destroyed the innocent, boggle-eyed impression - it gave them a vicious frown - so I decided to leave it.

They are made from two wool jumpers, which somebody tried to wash at too high a temperature, and they felted.  The eyeballs are white cashmere; the eyes are plastic locking eyes; the beaks are clay.  They each have a bag of steel shot in their bottom, so I thought I could probably market them as paperweights.

I also wanted to post these - I'm having a bit of a Pogues thing at the moment.  These two songs are from their first album.

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