Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Drumroll please...

My latest completed project... teddy bear bouquets!

Please excuse the multiple photographs - they took so long to make, I wanted to make sure I photographed them from every angle. 

This is my second Valentine's idea, although I'm hoping people will appreciate them as gifts even though Valentine's Day is long gone.  They are little bears (approximately 3.5 inches) attached to willow twigs (approx 27 inches), and I have included a piece of red twisted willow too.  I have packaged them up to look like bouquets - each bouquet has two bears to it.  They have 'Hand-made by BigFeetBears' labels, printed on clear plastic and attached with a piece of red satin ribbon.

Naturally, after all that work, it turns out that they don't photograph well(!) - the plastic wrapping picks up dust incredibly easily.

This will be the first time I've made something for BigFeetBears which is so fragile.  I am slightly worried that they might get broken or damaged at the Centre, but we'll see how it goes

Anyway, next step is to get the dungarees made for the four little bears.  I'm hoping to take all the would-be Valentine's items in this Saturday.  I also need to start making some rabbits for the Thirteen Brushes Gallery - if they'll still have me, after being out of touch for so long.


Naomi said...

Oh Ruthie - they're lovely!
Really realistic shape too. You will make pots of sticks in the corner popular with everyone! (we'll come and visit. We like sticks too)

Ruth said...

Thankyou! I'm cursing myself for not having gotton them on the shelves before Valentine's Day, but fingers crossed - Mother's Day is coming up.