Saturday, 3 March 2012

4 little dressed bears!

The dungarees are finished for my little red bears!  I will spare you the twenty photographs I have of them (although, if you wish to, you will soon be able to see them on the website), and just post a few to show off all my mother's hard work.

I went to work today with four dressed red bears, four rabbits and nine teddy bear bouquets (the latter of which I had to dust assiduously, before putting them out!) - so it all made a nice change.  I feel like the unit is full of colour and pizazz again!

And onto the next project... bears (and rabbits) for the Thirteen Brushes Gallery.


Naomi said...

Nice dungarees! i like the poppers too. When is the skinny legged bear going to put in a reappearance?

Ruth said...

Ah - the skinny legged bear is one of the patterns I lost, unfortunately. I do remember what it looked like, but it'll take a while to get it right again.