Saturday, 7 April 2012

Sarah and Doodle

Wow - I haven't posted for ages! 

I had a bit of a blip.  After Pongo - my bear cub on all four feet - I thought I'd try making a parent bear for him.  To cut a very long story short, after a lot of long-winded testing it all went horribly wrong, and I ended up with a little head on a massive (but beautifully tailored) body. 

I'm still working on the ability to be able to just shrug/laugh/whatever when that happens, but unfortunately deformed bears have always tended to precipitate a bit of a personal crisis.  I've been trying to keep on working - to get on with something which I know works reasonably well.  So, here are two well-worn BigFeetBear designs: Sarah...

I guess she should have some sort of embellishment - I just think the design works really well on it's own.  It is the same with Doodle...

I was intending on saving Sarah and Doodle for the Clare Priory Craft Fair, which I'm doing again this year (hooray!) but since my unit at the Art & Craft Centre isn't exactly full at the moment, I guess they might just as well sit there as on the shelf at home.

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