Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Thomasina and Elliot

It's not that I'm not over my design which didn't work - I am.  But wer're having our kitchen redone in a week or so, so we've been moving everything out.  I am now stuck working in a very small space - just enough room to sit down - surrounded by my sewing machine, laptop, sewing box, and lots of bear pieces.  There's nowhere to put anything, and not enough elbow room to do anything really athletic.  So, I am making little string-jointed rabbits...

I have a few more of these to come - in different colours of cashmere. 

I have also been busy with labels.  I've meant to do these for some time.  I've been making do with a business card tied round the bear's neck, with the price written on the back.  It works well enough I suppose.  The one flaw is that if people are giving the bear as a gift, they may wish to keep the business card, but without the price tag.  So, the new tags - designed to fit in with the blog - have a separate space at one end for the price, which can be snipped off if the bear is bought as a gift.


Polly said...

She looks really cute with her new label. I must get some new ones made up myself. (labels that is, not rabbits).

Ruth said...

Thankyou - I was really pleased with them. I guess labels are one of those things that can fall by the wayside - it can be a lot of time and effort without any direct return.