Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A bear called Tablecloth

Tuesday's bear is... full of grace?  Okay, forget that!  He is very sweet anyway.  I was really surprised by the way this one turned out.  I chose fleece because I was running out of different fabrics to use for these bears - and because I liked the look of the fabric.  I wasn't optimistic though: fleece tends to be too stretchy.  With Tablecloth, I interfaced every piece.  I did struggle to get it through the sewing machine (but then I struggle to get most fabrics through my sewing machine - it desperately needs a service), and my seams are certainly nothing to write home about, but none of that shows from the outside.

He is called Tablecloth, by the way, because I once saw a TV programme where someone had a bear of that name, and it just struck me as lovely - quirky and odd-ball, but quite sweet.

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