Thursday, 24 January 2013


This is Wednesday's bear - Oswald.  Love the close-ups up of his face!

Again, he was a swine to make - with all that long, fluffy fur.  I was really chuffed with the results though.  For some reason his eyes look slightly blue - they're actually transparent.

I'm not sure whether my new working plan is successful or not.  Certainly I've been a whole lot more productive since I started it.  But although I'm still managing one bear a day, I seem to be finishing later and later each day.  And the idea was that I'd do some different stuff in the evenings - like coming up with new patterns - but I'm finding that, having spent all day sewing, I'm desperate to do something else by the evening.


Plus, the bear that I finished this evening looks very strange indeed!  I'm not sure he's going to be saleable really.  I had just a tiny bit of the gel-tipped mohair, so I thought I'd make a bear with it, but do the lower half of the body in striped cotton - as in, bear in bathing trunks, with spiky fur having just been for a swim!  Unfortunately the cotton fabric was rather thin and, although I interfaced it, it didn't sew up very well when I was closing the gap in the stomach.  In all other respects, he's very sweet - it's just his wrinkled, puckered trunks which are not right!

Anyway - only another four of this design to go!


Polly said...

I love these little bears you are making atm. My favourite is the sheepskin type one. He looks like a little lamb to me.
You should do well on Etsy with these I think.
Pauline xxx

Ruth said...
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Ruth said...

Cheers Polly! Yes, Tablecloth is my favourite too. Unfortunately the one I'll add today lets the side down a bit :-( Or at least, his shorts do.

Gratia T. said...

Hi, I couldn't find a seperate contact info, but I absolute love your blog and teddy bears, and am new to the art of teddy bear. Is velveteen a good fabric for a mini bear? Thanks so much, and keep up the bears! I love checking your blog everyday.

Ruth said...

@Gratia T - why thank you - it's lovely to hear from you! I have never tried velveteen to be honest. I've tried velvet (which was a disaster!) but velveteen is cotton based isn't it? You can get mohair specifically for mini bears, and then there's the faux cashmere, which is lovely and much less expensive. Polly - the lady in the comment at the top - makes mini bears. Perhaps try her? Thanks for stopping by x