Thursday, 23 May 2013


Well, I have removed the garbled word-recognition thing from the blog, so it is easier to post comments, and I have had six junk comments already!  I had been thinking about removing the moderation element too, but I don't think I will now.

This is my new bear, Maurice - a very tall bear with long legs (and a long neck).  He looks very statuesque.  And he is actually made primarily out of faux fur.  Just his stomach and muzzle are mohair.      The faux fur is a little cheaper - although I understand that there is great variation in quality and that the nicest faux fur is sold at similar prices to mohair.

I can't remember how much this particular faux fur cost, unfortunately - they are pieces I bought a long time ago - but I might reinvestigate; see if it's still available, and whether it's worth getting some more.

Maurice is the last of the big bears, although I'm sure I have only made nine(?)  I think I might have lost one somewhere.  However, I have found the last medium-sized bear that I thought I'd lost, so he's next.

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