Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hugglets and Crows

These are the pictures of my crows - Walpole and Bronwyn.  I finished them on Friday night; photographed them (very badly) on Saturday morning; went off to work; got home too late to take better photos; then off to Hugglets at 5am this morning, and they found homes!  So no super-perfect photos unfortunately.  Just a few with the cat scratching his bottom in the background.  But I'm very, very glad somebody liked the crows enough to take them home!

The show was good!  I sold nine items in all, and it was lovely to meet so many people enthusiastic about bears.  People cradling bears in their arms, wearing teddy bear jumpers, teddy bear brooches, carrying teddy bear handbags, lugging around multiple bags of bears…  It was really good to be there, and I really appreciate everyone who came over to say hello, and who took some of my bears (and crows) home with them.

The show also gave me a lot to think about.  It was very different from craft fairs, or the Art & Craft Centre where I have a cabinet - people were looking for different things.  So I guess I need to think about whether I should be presenting what I do differently to different audiences.  Hmmmm.  No doubt I'll be boring the pants off everyone with this subject for days to come.


Emily said...

Wonderful work on the crows! they have a great likeness and character :)

Ruth said...

Thank you - I was really chuffed with them!