Monday, 20 April 2015

Giant Panda

Good morning!  This is what I was working on for most of the week we spent at Snape Maltings - a giant panda!  

I had wanted to make a large bear to use as part of the display at Snape - because I was so short of stock; I wanted something eye-catching that was going to fill a lot of table space.  Unfortunately, I dithered - particularly when I actually discovered how large he was going to be - and didn't get him finished in time.  So now I have him sitting on our dining room table.  He weighs an absolute tonne, and if I do lug him to the shows he's going to fill most of the table, so I'm not quite sure what to do with him.  I suppose I will start by putting him on Etsy to see if anyone is interested.

Anyway, do look at his photos below.  Excuse all the pictures of me.  I was trying to show how big he was, and I was having lots of fun setting the timer on the camera and then racing back to get in the picture!

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Rachel Kilby said...

I like the back-to-back photo with you and the giant panda