Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Good grief - I lovelovelovelove my new camera lens!

It is a Nikkor zoom lens - 70-300mm.  I was a little disappointed at first.  I got up at 5am and went off to Snape early so I could walk along the river and take photos.  However, the path has a limited view of the river - and the route I took eventually became a tenuous path through heavy, heavy countryside, fighting my way around brambles with no sign of the river at all.  It brought back memories of being a Guide and doing Centrek - out in the middle of nowhere, feeling lost, with the sun too hot and being desperate for a drink and a wee (preferably in reverse order). 

And, when the river finally did come into view, and I caught sight of something that looked like a wading bird, it was far too far away.  My zoom lens didn't quite zoom enough.

I've just got home and downloaded the pictures though, and they look much better than I expected.  It is absolutely stunning countryside.  The bit by the river, that is.  The bit in the thick of the brambles where I spent half the time is a bit claustrophobic.

And finally, when I got back to the Quay Gallery, I was visited by a less exciting, but still very lovely, collared dove, who politely posed for a photograph.

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