Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Good lord - my pictures are rather grey!  You know I actually keep big pristine pieces of white foam board to use as a background for photos - fat lot of use they were this morning!

Anyway, this is my newest teddy bear, Kofi - a big boy, measuring about 17.5 inches from head to toe.  I used to make these big bears a lot.  I think I stopped because they didn't sell well at the Art & Craft Centre.  I suppose they turn out quite expensive - his mohair alone is about £35 - so I really need to be going to bear fairs, if I'm going to make them.

As a seller, their size is one of their big advantages: when you're short of stock, as I am, they fill out the space rather nicely(!)

Unfortunately, some time ago I lost my pattern.  When I came to make Kofi, I started out by just upsizing a small bear pattern.  Luckily I tried it out in cotton first - it was awful!  It took quite a bit of adjustment, and the paw pads are still not what I wanted them to be.  They are respectable enough though, and he has a lovely friendly face.  The blonde mohair has a sort of natural swirl to it, which gives a lovely effect.

Kofi isn't the only thing I've managed to finish since 20th March, thankfully.  I also have finished five crows.  I usually make them in pairs, but this time I want to try something new - a crow holding a flower.  It was sort of partially successful.  The flower looks a little rustic, and the stalk is rather long I think, but I do like the effect.  I might try another crow with a flower and then one with something a bit shiny to reflect their bling-loving reputation.

Today is moon bear-making day, and then it's on to puffins.  My next show is this coming Saturday, 4th April, in Bolton, Lancashire - in the beautiful Rivington Hall Barn, organised by Bobby's Bears.  It's a fair trek - we'll be on the road by 4 o'clock in the morning (if all goes to plan) - but it's a lovely fair and hopefully they will like my little crew of bears and crows and hedgehogs.  But not too much - otherwise I won't have anything for Snape!

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