Monday, 13 April 2015


At Snape Maltings, they have this cracking bird house, modelled after a water wheel and handmade locally by Out Of Our Tree.  You should definitely check out their website - they make all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff!

Snape also has this strange-looking Henry Moore sculpture.

I have been testing out the idea of sewing standing up, as recommended by Ann Wood.  I have hoiked my sewing machine up onto the window ledge at the Quay Gallery, and this is my view (that's not quite my eye level though!).  We have one lone swan which patrols our stretch of river.  He's always there when I arrive in the morning, and when I take my coffee out to the picnic table, he makes a beeline and hovers there with that alert, neck-stretching pose (like Bob, the flat-footed mistle thrush), as though he's waiting for me to lob a biscuit over the wall.

He's probably waiting for exactly that, but I like swans and geese better from a distance so I don't want to encourage him.  I would hate to turn up one morning and find him waiting for his biscuit outside the door of the Gallery.

And let me introduce you to another Snape resident - this little mama moorhen.  No baby yet, that I can see, but I hope we see one before we leave.  Baby moorhens are gorgeous - little fluffy black clouds with enormous spidery feet!

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