Thursday, 22 October 2015


This may be the only time you'll see robins together in a flock - and what do robins do when they get together?  CONGA!  No, I'm kidding, they don't really.  I was just trying to find a good way to take a group photograph.

I made 10 of these robins together, and noted down the times that I started and stopped work.  Okay, I may have missed a few hours - I sewed some of the wings while watching TV in the evenings - but I can now say roughly how long it took to make them.  It took approximately 19 hours.  So 1.9 hours for each bird (much, much less than it took making them individually).  If I charge this at minimum wage, then add materials and a small profit, I get a figure of £21.  That is more than I have previously charged for little birds but, having worked it all out carefully, I'm pretty sure this is what they cost to make.  

If you would like to buy one of my little robin decorations, they are in my Etsy shop!


Edited to add...  something went wrong in my price calculation (why am I so bad at maths)!  The price should go something like this:

materials (£2)    +    labour (£14)    +    profit (£1.60)   =   £17.60

They've only been in the Etsy shop 24 hours, and I'm already discounting them - not a good start!

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