Monday, 7 December 2015

Design Challenge 6 & 7: Trevor!

Okay, I'm completely out of sync now!  This post represents my Design Challenge numbers 6 & 7 - from last Friday and the Friday before(!)  This time I made Trevor (above left).  He is a re-design of Bingo (above right).  I do actually still like Bingo's design - he has a very narrow, doll-like body - but Trevor has the lovely, cheerful, plumpness of a traditional teddy bear.  And he's pink!  I always get asked if I have pink bears!

I re-designed all of him except his face, but my favourite part is definitely his arms.  Take a look at the pictures below: his paws pads face down rather than inwards, which makes his arms look much more realistic.  I need to make a big bear with these arms!  (Or rather, with a bigger version of these arms.)  Anyway, Trevor in now in my Etsy shop.

Some other stuff that's being happening to us recently...

We've been accepted at the Brett Gallery, which is part of Bridge Farm Barns in Monks Eleigh in Suffolk.  It's a really lovely place!  Among all the other beautiful things, you will now find two hedgehogs, my last crow, and two little bears.  I highly recommend a visit.  After all, they not only have bears, but syrup sponge and custard in the cafe!

I created another Etsy Treasury - this time on affordable art.  It's called Buy Some Art!  Do take a look, and like and favourite, so more people see it.  Ta!

Finally, I am running a Christmas give-away on Facebook, to win one of my little robins (below).  To enter the giveway, you just need to like and share the giveaway post on Facebook - use this link here.

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