Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Child's peplum top - New Look 6549

More peplum tops!  This time from a New Look pattern, for my nieces.  The pattern pieces were basically the same here as for the Vogue pattern, but they had you put them together in a different order, which I wasn't keen on.  If I made these again, I'd probably do it the Vogue way.  Also, I cannot tell you how much trouble I had with the bias facing on the neckline and armholes!  You can see in the pictures below: the necklines are still very slightly gathered.  And I've no idea why it was so difficult - on the adult pattern, they went on without any problem.  Each time I sewed the facing to the right side of these tops, then folded it to the inside, there was too much sleeve for facing - or too much neckline for facing - if you know what I mean.  The solution I found eventually was, when pinning the facing to the outside initially, pin the lower edge which is slightly longer, then when you actually stitch the upper edge, you have to ease it in.  But that way, when you flip it over and sew the lower edge inside the top, it fits better.

Anyway, they fit, and the nieces were happy, so it turned out alright.  I need to get better at finishing the seams inside though - they were a bit ragged!

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