Sunday, 18 April 2010

Brief break...

I was in town the day before yesterday to buy some fray check for my mini bears and some more foam board for making signs for the unit. I went to the hairdressers to buy some stuff for my sister, who is just home from Peru and goes off to South Africa next week (if there's a love of travelling in my family - dubious - I think she inherited it all; travelling to remote parts of the world without much more than a toothbrush and a spare pair of underpants would be my worst nightmare).

You can see the difference in ambition: my sister's travelling the world, whilst I'm sitting here blogging about a trip to the shops.

Anyway, I was standing there in the hairdressers, and suddenly realised that I hadn't had my hair cut for a while, so I booked an appointment. It was a mistake - I hate going to the hairdressers. It's all shiny and professional and nice-smelling, full of perfectly coiffed women wearing the latest in high street fashion, all in animated conversation about nothing at all, and I sit there in my ancient jeans and jumper and trainers feeling frumpy and tongue-tied.

The appointment was yesterday. She cut an inch off my hair (definitely a token guesture), and charged me £33! Not only that, but I emerged from the hairdressers, smooth and shiny and nice-smelling, and dispersing clouds of dandruff every time I turned my head, because of all the products she put on my hair (my scalp doesn't do hair products). I had other things to worry about though. I left what I thought was a £5 tip, but I got outside and thought, "Hang on. Did she say £33 or £37?" I have a nasty suspicion it was £37, in which case I left her a £1 tip. How stingy is that!

Anyway, I then went to NEXT and splashed out on four tee-shirts, which cost me over £40 - money I really don't have to spare right now. So now I'm feeling guilty on two counts, and relieved I don't go into town very often.

Actually, make that guilty on three counts: I had to walk through Williams & Griffins to get back to the car park, and I passed through their designer bag department. I goofed again! I have always loved the look of Mulberry Bayswater bags, and they had one there - not in the colour I wanted (which was the only thing that stopped me whipping out my poor, crumpled, worn-out debit card) - but it gave me a chance to touch and decide that I would give my right arm for a poncy designer handbag (but leave my shoulder, so I've got something to hang the bag on).

It is a ridiculous idea - spending so much money on a bag, but it's too late for me now - I'm a lost cause. I have held one of these bags in my hands, and decided that I absolutely must have one. The most restrained I can be is to actually save up for one, rather than just blowing my overdraft. That's about five teddy bears I need to sell.

So, back to the grindstone. There's incentive for you!

Ah - just one more thing. You may have noticed that I have finally managed to do some decoration. Actually, I can take no credit for it all all. I found a website called 'The Cutest Blog on the Block', which allows you to use their designs for free. They had some really really lovely backgrounds! I think maybe I'm slightly in danger of being overwhelmed by all these cherries - but I don't care: it's a lovely, vintage-looking effect. Anyway, the link for the website is at the top of this blog, on the left. Do have a look!

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