Wednesday, 16 June 2010


I finally managed to get some photographs of my new bear!

His name is Jackson, and he's green - two shades of green. His body is made from a gorgeous, thick fluffy alpaca in 'forest green'; his head is made from mohair in a brighter shade of 'bottle green'.

The two-tone-ness is partly because I have made two-tone bears before and I think it is a good look. There was a more mundane reason though (of course): I did not have enough of either fabric to make the entire bear out of it.

Jackson has what are [hopefully] the characteristic BigFeetBear features - lovely intelligent brown eyes, and a striking, realistic silhouette.

She says, throwing modesty to the wind (ahem).

Anyway, please take a look. He will up for sale on the BigFeetBears website shortly.

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