Saturday, 12 June 2010

Post to break up long silence - sorry

Football tonight!!!

I'm not being very good at blogging. I'm still doing well with the lingerie, and I have made one bear since my last post, but I haven't managed to get pictures yet, so I can't show you. I have managed to sell a few bears though!

Clockwise from top left: Barnaby, my Pooh bear attempt, Hamish, Mickey, and Archie.

Mickey was the first bear I sold recently, and I reduced his price drastically in order to do so. Partly I was desperate, since I hadn't sold a bear in a long time - and I was thinking perhaps it was time to give up this wild ambition to make back what the bears cost to make(!) Also though, it was one of those lovely moments when someone finds a bear they are really attached to - so I was really happy to see him go.

I also wanted to post a picture of our ginger kitten, Rory, who was in a car accident a little while ago. He did lots of damage, and had to have both his hip and his ankle pinned, so for a long time he was kept in a cage to stop him moving those joints too much.

But now he is out and enjoying himself again. He does have this strange habit - since he had his hip pinned - of sleeping with his backside in the air.

Incidentally, cat lovers have a look at this blog - a spoof of The Sartorialist - with some lovely pictures.

Anyway, hopefully I will be back to write more soon. And with new bear pics!

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