Monday 26 July 2010

6 Welly-Boot Bears

Bummer: I think my blog design has been deleted from whatever site it was hosted on.

Bummer again: my pictures of the bears which I have been slaving over for the past couple of days are tiny(!)

I think you should be able to click on the picture and get a slightly bigger version though. These are my bears with red wellingtons that I was talking about in the last post. I have made six of them! It took absolutely ages. Until about ten minutes before I had finished embroidering the last nose, I was really bored, and definitely having second thoughts about making lots of any one item. Put them together though, and they do really make an impact.

You can see they're not identical - partly because I didn't have enough of one type of mohair to make six bears, so I made three out of one type and three out of another type, in a slightly darker shade. However, looking at the pictures above, it looks like I sewed the ears on drunk.

I am quite chuffed with them though.

That's three items off my list - the deadline for which, incidentally, was today. I was thinking about extending it and someone mentioned that there was a bank holiday coming up in August - which would be a good time to put new stock on display. I was hoping the bank holiday would give me an extra week or so in August, but no. The second weekend in August is actually when Britain's first nudist beach was established, Brighton, 1979 (my St Helena's Hospice diary records all these fascinating facts). I think it's the first weekend in August that's the bank holiday (the diary isn't so clear about that).

I think, regretfully, I'm going to let the first bank holiday go past without any new stock. I would really like to put all the new stock out at once - in the hope that it will create more interest that way.

Anyway, the next item on the list:

4. Big mohair polar bear, with straight seams to the face.

Hopefully, I will be back in two or three days!

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Naomi said...

LOVELY bears. Even the one in the middle with very distinctive ears has appeal! They do indeed show up big upon clicking. Have they all got red boots? Stock plans sound good.