Thursday, 26 August 2010

Bears in Bags

Well, that's the final thing done - and in mega-quick time too! If I'd done everything as fast as I did these last bears, I'd have got the whole lot done in half the time - I think it was a rush to the finish line kind of thing though.

I abandoned the idea of hanging the bears on the outside of the bags. The bears are string jointed and the head and body don't sit flush together. Anything around the bear's neck therefore, would just disappear into the gap between head and body. And there is no other way to attach the bear to the bag other than a ribbon round its neck.

I should really have sewn a loop of ribbon into the top of the head, so they could be attached that way. It's too late now though.

So, the bears are in the bags...

And here they are out of the bags...

And, just to prove that isn't the same bears, sitting on three different bags...

How sweet! They're actually really lovely. I wasn't sure about the string-jointing thing, because they're less poseable that way, but actually, the easy movement of the joints gives them a wonderful gentle feel. And this mohair is really, really soft.

Sooo, now I need to find a way to label everything, then find some way to display them, then they're ready to go. Fingers crossed I can get everything done tomorrow in time for the bank holiday weekend.

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