Sunday, 29 August 2010

First attempt at a slip (vintage style)

I was humm-ing and haa-ing over what to do next, and I found a slip that I started making a while ago, from a vintage pattern. The pattern doesn't have a date on it, but it looks 1950s to me (see last pic).

I wanted it to be peach, and when I was looking for fabric, I found some rustly peach acetate. It does work quite well, but the lace I chose was a mistake. The first time I tried to iron the bodice, mid-project, the lace melted(!)

Note to self: make sure lace is made out of same stuff as the fabric next time.

Anyway, I finished it last night and here it is...

It actually fits quite well - only the seams of the bodice are not quite right.

I was wondering whether I ought to take some kind of course on dress-making (or lingerie making) - of which I know nothing - or whether I ought to just grab a pattern and leap in with both feet. The leaping in thing is working so far, but its the issue of fit that's worrying me.

Anyway, my next project is to make some underwear!

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