Tuesday 30 November 2010

Christmas baubles

Okay, I'm still wondering what I could have done better at this craft fayre. I'm thinking maybe I should have just left the bears at home altogether, and instead taken smaller, less expensive items. I did take a few of the teddy bear gift tags (these ones), but they were probably overwhelmed by all the big bears.

I could have taken cards, aprons, organza bags and manufactured bears. Apart from the aprons and gift tags though, there wouldn't have been much that was hand-made. Really, I need to work on that.

I have been thinking about making Christmas decorations. My first thought was just teddy bears heads, with a loop of ribbon for hanging them. It could look a little queasy though - heads without bodies. Instead of that, I have decided just to make baubles out of mohair. I have lots of small scraps of mohair which are not big enough to make bears out of - so I have used them.

The colours are not exactly Christmassy, but they do look quite pretty. Please note, the pictures above were taken out in the freezing cold, whilst it was snowing, so the quality isn't great - apologies.

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