Thursday 25 November 2010


This is the last one for this craft fair. I've got two days to go, and I really need to start thinking about other elements of the display.

I have made the backboard, and it seems to work pretty well - although I haven't tested to see if it fits the six foot table yet. I was talking to someone at the Art & Craft Centre yesterday, who said that really, the backboard ought not to be white - just because it won't stand out at all. I'm hoping my mother will have enough time to do some of her lovely painting on it; otherwise I think I will just have to slosh it on myself - all one colour.

Then a tablecloth, signage, lighting, display stands, Christmas decoration of some kind(?), and I need to think about what other things to take - like greetings cards, gift tags, bags, etc.

I'm exhausted already.

Hopefully, I will get most of it arranged today, and then I can pick up the bears from the Art & Craft Centre tomorrow and try it out on a suitable table.

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