Tuesday 19 April 2011

Clare Priory Craft Fair

Feeling slightly brighter - although I'm still struggling for energy, for some reason. If I could reach my own rear end, I'd give it a kick - come on, hurry it up; I'm hoping to run a half-marathon in November! If I don't start training soon, I won't stand a chance.

And - on top of that - I have just been told that my application for a stall at the Clare Priory Craft Fair (click here) has been accepted!

It is to be held on the 9th and 10th July.

I have never been to this craft fair, but I know several people who have had stalls there in the past, and they've all said it was brilliant. In fact, if you click on the link above and go to their website, then click on the link to pictures from the 2009 fair... that lady with the teddy bears? That's Valerie Noy, the lady who sub-lets space in my unit at the Art & Craft Centre. She makes very, very sweet bears - mostly minatures I believe, although she does make some bigger bears.

I have never been good at craft fairs - I don't think I have the right attitude - and my experiences there are almost always disappointing (see the results of my last attempt here). However, its probably also true to say that most of the fairs I've actually been to as an exhibitor have been either inappropriate venues for my teddy bears, or poorly organised and not very good. That sounds rather mean, but the last actual teddy bear fair I went to - several years ago now - had about ten visitors all day. Literally. For the most part, it was just exhibitors walking round, examining each others' stuff. Very depressing.

So anyway, poor as I am at this kind of thing, I am going to have another shot - and in the best venue possible. I have two solid months to get back on track, and come up with some new designs. Should be enough for anybody! Watch this space (but don't start watching for another week yet - I'm still not 100 per cent)!

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