Saturday, 7 May 2011


I asked my mother if she could make shorts for my little series of four bears (see this post), and I was really surprised to come home the other day and find one pair finished!

Except, apparently because of his ginormous thighs (that's it, blame the poor bear!), they had to be baggy, rather than the tight-fitting speedo-style I had envisaged. So, may I present to you...

... a bear in bloomers!

What do you think? A girl bear - or a baby bear (of either sex) in the kind of pants that have to be big to fit over the nappy?

Anyway, despite the fact that my mother's fabric pile is barely containable, she raided my stash (of three pieces) for the fabric, and so it came to pass that my bear's bloomers are an exact match for the mammoth in the last post. And no, the bloomers don't fit him unfortunately - don't think I didn't try that!

They do look quite sweet together though.

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