Sunday 8 May 2011


I have just realised that, a little while ago (in this post), I inadvertantly left a cliff-hanger! I said that I was making a family of bears. However, I took them into the Art & Craft Centre, and I never got round to photographing them.

So, I went into the Centre this morning to get some pictures. Please excuse the plain, boring background to the photos. The mother bear is called Peggy, and the two younger bears, Samuel and Theobald. I believe I have left the baby bear unnamed.

I have just realised also, I forgot to take measurements. Ah well, you can contact me if you're interested, and I will leap in my car and rush down to the Centre to measure them! To give you some idea though, Peggy is about 12 inches in a sitting position.

1 comment:

Polly said...

A very healthy looking family - not an ounce of fat anywhere :)
Love Mum's hat, it's nearly as big as she is.