Sunday 3 July 2011

Craft fair update

Wow!  I'm not exactly sure what I did, and how I did it, but I think there was some kind of update involved.  Anyway, now my pictures are so much bigger, and they don't have those annoying borders round them.  It's fabulous!  The question is, do I go back and alter all previous pictures?

I haven't posted for a while, so I just wanted to update.  I have been working hard, but I'm still not nearly ready, and the craft fair is next weekend.  I suppose I can always raid the Art & Craft Centre for bears to fill any gaps, but I really, really wanted to take stock that was entirely new.

I wobbled a bit for a little while - struggling for new designs.  Then I thought, this is ridiculous - it can take several weeks minimum to come up with a new design I'm happy with.  There's no way I have the time to create several of them before the craft fair.  So I'm taking a different tack and using it to sort of look back on the most successful designs.  Or as many of those as I can make in a week anyway!  The first of these is the panda design.  I have made four small bears, but the fourth is not very good, so I'm not showing it here(!) and I won't take it unless I desperately need something to fill space.  And then I'll sit him behind a taller bear.

But these are the three good bears, anyway.

I'm currently working on five mini bears in what I have called my 'hoof' design - hopefully they'll be finished tomorrow.  Then I would like to make another antique-style polar bear, because that design turned out really well.  I would like to make some smaller things - the kind of stuff you can buy with a couple of quid in your pocket - but I'm out of inspiration (and time).


Polly said...

I like the middle one of the three bears the best. That is one of my favourite types of mohair. It always seems to make good bears no matter what size or style.
Good luck with your fair.

Polly, Pud Bears

Ruth said...

Thankyou Polly! I agree about that mohair with mini bears. Most of my bears are bigger though, and I find the weave much looser than with thicker piles, so it tends to fray more easily(?) With bigger bears also, the seams are far more visible with string mohair.