Friday 8 July 2011

Freezing feet!

We went to set up our stall at the Clare Priory Craft Fair this afternoon.  Gorgeous building; beautiful grounds; great atmosphere - even just among the few stall holders setting up tents - but my knees are starting to knock anyway. 

I think I will look a little out of place - i seem to have only a quarter of the amount of stock that other people have.  We have a gazebo the same as everyone else, but we have a table at the front, stacked with stuff.  Other people have stuff stacked on the table, hung on the walls, side tables filled with stuff, boxes of extra stuff stacked up at the back...!  I think we are going to feel a little amateur.

Anyway, I have had all the pep talks - from myself and other people.  I'm going to make eye contact, smile at people, talk about the weather, compliment them on some aspect of their appearance, make a fuss of their dogs and then, somehow(!), slide seamlessly from that to talking about teddy bears.  As opposed to hiding behind the stall and refusing to come out!

I am not optimistic, but I am going to have a go.  What worries me is that - whilst you can try to launch a conversation with someone who is standing at your table, looking at your wares, how do you do so when no one approaches your stall?


Usually I'd say - if it stresses you out so much, don't do it; there must be some other way - but I'm coming to the conclusion that, no matter what you make and how good it is, if you don't put yourself out to sell it, you won't get anywhere.  So here goes...

I just wanted to show a few more of the bears I have made for the craft fair...

My favourite is the yellow bear - the middle picture.  He is imperfect, but it is the expression that gets me.  Beneath those jowels, he has a sheepish little smile!  Anyway, wish me luck; I'll let you know how it goes.

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