Saturday 30 July 2011

New bears

A quick post before I rush off to work - how do you like the new bears?  These were the ones that were going to have wings, but in the end it didn't seem to suit.  They are made from a sort of brushed cotton, and dyed with coffee (the fabric was originally a really bright yellow).  They have cashmere muzzles.  The legs are sewn on, but the arms are string-jointed.  The whole bear is about 12.5 inches.

I am actually really chuffed with them - although there are several things I'm not sure about.  The wisdom of unjointed legs?  The fishing line threaded through the little points on the top of their heads?  And of course, the not-suitable-for children-thing.  If you saw these in a shop, wouldn't you think it was some kind of child's mobile?

Anyway, I thought they were quite nice.  Even nicer was the fact that I really got my nose to the grindstone yesterday, and made two of them in one day!  Very chuffed.


Polly said...

They really do look as if they should have wings, just hovering there. Why not try just very small ones?
They maybe could be sold as a sort of mobile for a childs room as long as you make it clear that they are not for children to play with.

Ruth said...

Hiya. I like them like that! But I think you're right - other people have said to me that they ought to have wings too. I might give them another try. In the meantime, I've found a mammoth that looks rather good with wings!