Friday 30 September 2011

Two new mammoths

Hello!  We are enjoying an unexpected hot spell here, so I rushed out with the mammoths to take photos in the garden.  There is another - a furry one - but I am determined to make him a horned Viking helmet, and I haven't got to grips with the design yet, so photos of him will have to wait a bit.

I am discovering that there are certain mammoths which sell better than others.  The plain, pale, floral ones have taken the longest to find homes.  The mohair mammoths sell very quickly, and the one winged beastie I made sold quickly too.  The navy blue floral mammoth with the shifty eyes is a replica of a commission mammoth I made a little while ago.  She is very sweet, so I'm hoping someone will like her.

I have been busy this week - not just the three mammoths, but also a long-legged bear to sit in the little doll-sized wheelchair my aunt sent me from the US.  It is the sweetest thing, but strangely proportioned for a teddy bear.  Luckily I specialise in strangely-proportioned teddy bears!  I am a little stuck on this one though.  I have the same old problem - I take a lot of interest in design, shape and silhouette, but when it comes to details - like facial features - my imagination tends to fail me.  So I currently have [what I think is] a lovely shaped bear, but with no features.  I've keep trying various things, but they just don't look right.  He is currently sitting on my work table with two little pink beads pinned to his nose (the large nostril look?) but that's not going to work.

I really need to put some work into my teddy bear faces!

Anyway, here are the mammoths.  I will be back with photos of the furry mammoth and the wheelchair bear as soon as possible!

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