Saturday, 1 October 2011


Have you ever heard that limmerick?

The God of Thunder rode out one day
Upon his favourite filly.
"I'm Thor!" he cried,
And the horse replied,
"You forgot your thaddle, thilly!"

That's what my goofy, Viking mammoth reminds me of, so I called him Thor.  Do you like the hat?  I think I was imagining something flatter originally - I was looking at pictures of the hats that the Asterix characters wear - but this seems to suit.  Maybe if I make this mammoth again, I will put little wings on the hat, in addition to horns!

I still haven't managed to do anything with my little red wheelchair bear.  It's annoying me, because I know the longer I leave it, the harder it will get.  I am working at the art & craft centre both days over the weekend though, so it will have to wait until Monday.  Never mind, maybe a little break from it would be benefiicial.

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