Friday 28 October 2011


Phew!  It's been absolutely mad recently.  The bears for the gallery are due before the 8th November - that being the day it opens - and I finally managed to get one complete yesterday!  Meet Loulou...

Quite sweet?  I made the hat from coils of fabric from a jumper, which had felted in the wash.  Then I came home one day to find that my mother had made the little fringed dress from a sleeve of the same jumper - it fits her perfectly!  She looks very 1960s - a happy coincidence, since I'm totally into vintage clothing.

As I think I've mentioned, I'm also hoping to make two pandas for the gallery.  They are all sewn up, jointed, stuffed, closed, but I'm struggling with the eyes.  I also thought they ought to have hats - preferably bowler hats.  The question is, never having made a bowler hat before, and without a pattern (the few patterns I've found on Google use a hat block, which I don't have), can I make two of them in the next three or four days?


Anyway, also on the 'to do list' were three commission mammoths.  I am determined to get them finished tonight, and photographed early tomorrow morning before I go to work.  They are all complete except for eyes and tusks.  One of them is made from printed black velvet, and is absolutely gorgeous!

Anyway, if I get them finished in time, I will post the pics tomorrow.


Naomi said...

Lulu absolutely suits her! And we love the pearls.

Ruth said...

I was told off for spelling it 'Lulu'. It has to be 'Loulou' apparently. I hope the lady at the gallery takes to her - because she might be the only bear there if I don't get a crack on.

Naomi said...


Ruth said...

Why 'Loulou'? I don't know.