Sunday 4 December 2011


Meet Betty (I can't believe I've never had a bear called Betty before).  I'm thinking of making another in brown mohair, and calling her 'Brown Betty'. 

Betty is a similar, long-legged design to Gerald, from the last post, although slightly smaller, and with a modified face shape. Whilst I was making her, I found some sparkly pink, printed cotton and thought, 'Ooooh - paw pads!'  Then I finished her and decided she really needed clothes.  Unfortunately there was only a small scrap of the sparkly pink fabric left. 

So I left it to my dress-making mother, who made a really sweet little bodice, and a crystal pleat skirt.  After that, there was just enough left in scraps to make a nose out of the same fabric.

She was sort of starting to look a bit 'circus performer', so I sewed metal snappers to her paw pads to allow her to hang acrobat-style. 

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Polly said...

I love the movement you get in your bears. Mine just sit, not swing in trees!